What is Steyerville?

Steyerville is a real place in the American heartland: a rural community where multiple generations of men and women worked in the same industry: energy. Coal miners in Appalachia or Navajo Natives in New Mexico. Oil workers in the Louisiana Bayou or the central valley of California. These close-knit communities produce the energy that fuels our entire way of life. But their livelihood was taken.

It’s easy to demonize an industry you don’t understand. Over the last 20 or 30 years, energy was relentlessly attacked for political and ideological reasons, and the ones who suffered the consequences were these rural communities. Jobs disappeared. Industry closed. Unemployment, poverty and welfare followed. So did opioid and drug use. Tax bases shrunk and funding to schools, police, fire, and first responders dried up. Home prices dropped. What was once a thriving community became a Steyerville.

It’s easy to show indifference to a community you’ve never met. If Steyerville were a neighborhood in San Francisco or a section of Manhattan, activists would rally their support, because Americans are inherently good people. But Steyerville is not in the Hamptons, not in South Beach, not in Aspen. Steyerville is in states people don’t often visit, in locations that don’t attract the rich and powerful outside of campaign season. And because they are out of sight, they are out of mind.

We made Steyerville to put these communities- literally and figuratively- on the map. The site is well researched and documented, and will continue to grow to highlight the damage Tom Steyer is doing to rural America

And we named it Steyerville to make it clear: he destroyed this community. Tom Steyer and the billionaire funders like him: Mike Bloomberg, George Soros, and countless Hollywood elites, who paid activists and phony protesters to pressure political leaders to enact their agenda. The activists left, the protesters are gone, and destroyed communities Tom Steyer cannot find on a map nor would Mike Bloomberg deign to land his private jet near suffer the consequences of their activism. He built this, and so we named it after him, to hold him accountable, to shame him for his actions, and to hopefully stop him from doing it again.

Who is Tom?

Tom Steyer became a billionaire betting on American energy. His hedge fund made smart, multimillion-dollar investments, in the hard-working men and women who produce America’s energy. Now, with a desire to become the leading national political figure, he uses his enormous wealth and political clout to advance his own radical agenda.

Tom is judged by his intentions: a better world. We judge Tom by another intention: an “opportunity to make a lot of money.” Tom travels around the nation and the world, hires activists and holds events, all using the very energy produced by the men and women he’s putting out of work. Somehow the irony of that is lost on Tom and the media who praise him.

Recently Tom has ventured into other national debates: healthcare, gun control, foreign policy, presidential impeachment. Regardless of the intentions of his activism, we know first-hand their actual consequences, and created this site to be a warning to all of America: Tom Steyer’s politics are good for him, and bad for you. Take warning.

We don’t begrudge Tom his wealth nor seek to limit his political activism. America is rich in democracy and rich in energy, and we advocate for both to flourish. Tom Steyer achieved the American dream, but now uses his tremendous political platform to ensure the dream is only for people who think like him. He has never been to Steyerville, so we brought Steyerville to him.


We dedicate this site to the millions of hard working Americans in rural communities all across the nation whose livelihood, jobs, and towns have been destroyed by coastal elites, ideological activists, and phony protesters. We want to tell your story and advocate for policies and principles that return your communities to their once prosperous state. We want to hear your story. Contact us at info@powerthefuture.us